The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is the largest Russian venture capital fund. It assists digital and technology startups, at the idea and MVP stages, by providing investments for rapid growth. At first, IIDF’s own team developed the product as an internal service. After testing the hypotheses, they decided to turn it into a full-fledged recruitment app. To do this, they needed a team with experience that could build HRM software through hypothesis-driven development.

They turned to Evrone for help creating a platform for finding a startup co-founder or team members. In 3 months, we developed a complete web application and also tested customer scripts to make sure that all functions worked as expected for hypothesis testing. Read the full case study here.

David Walsh is a well-known frontend developer experienced and interested in JavaScript, HTML/5, CSS, as well as PHP and Python. Like developers at Evrone, he focuses on open-source contributing and evangelism, as they open a world of possibilities and rewards for their hard-working developers. We couldn’t miss a chance to ask David a couple of important questions, and we hope you enjoy the interview below!

The Interview

Lifetime is an online platform offering medical laboratory services where you can order medical tests and analyses in a couple of clicks.

When Lifetime approached us for help improving their digital technology for laboratory diagnostics, they had a monolith that was, among other things, in charge of order processing. Our task was to implement the transfer of orders and their processing, as well as to make integrations internally, with a manager and nurse courier CRM to manage digital health data, and externally, providing integration with laboratories. In addition, we needed to develop a mobile API for a mobile application.

update-informer allows you to automatically check for new versions on resources like Crates.io and GitHub. Crates.io is the Rust community's crate registry, the main resource where all projects, libraries, etc. are stored.

When you add the update-informer library in your CLI application, which runs in the console, it periodically (for example, once a day) checks to see if a new version has been released. If one is out, then update-informer sends a message to the console like, “A new release is available, update with this link.”

Read here how to install it!

Pirelli & C is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium car tires. The company owns 24 factories in 13 countries, including two factories in Russia.

In 2020, the Voronezh Tire Plant, owned by Pirelli & C, decided to develop a manufacturing analytics and IIoT system for analyzing the enterprise’s production processes. But ready-made solutions “out of the box” could not offer the necessary functionality. So the company turned to Evrone with a request to develop a unique data analytics system for manufacturing production, which would allow the data to be analyzed and visualized and let them see bottlenecks.

Read the case study here!